A MedTech company that develops disease management solutions in the cardiopulmonary space.


We are proud to attain ISO 13485 certification in july 2022!


The Board

Dr. Wee Ser

Chairman, Co-Founder

Dr. David Foo

Medical Advisor

Qian Hui Peh


Medical, Business and Technology Advisors

Dr. David Foo

Medical Director (Heart Institute)

National Health Group, Singapore

Jim Lim Shien Min

Founder & CSO

59stVentures, Singapore

Dr. Arye Nehorai

Signal Processing

Washington University, United States

Dr. Jose Principe

Artificial Intelligence

Univeristy of Florida, United States

Executive Management

Dr. Wee Ser

Chief Executive Officer

Yeo Yong Kiang, Denure

SVP (Product Development)

Michelle Thor

Business Development Director

Catherine Teng

Administrative Manager